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Archive for May 8th, 2022

Any topic (writer’s choice)

explain how this scenario couldve overcame the stressful situation using a support network. The scenario is Alicia just got promoted in her new position requires a lot of time for on boarding and training. She has been working long hours shes under a lot of pressure. Shes not sure she can make her assignment deadline […]

Yoga with Babies

Final Project Written Report: The written component of the Final Project should be uploaded this week, The paper should be between 7-10  pages and should show evidence of your research into your chosen topic (follow your Final Project Proposal). If your project was experimental, you should include your research questions, literature review (citations in bibliography), […]


  Your assignment is to to choose two AGENT SKILLS (indifference, distancing up/distancing down, inclusion, awareness, allyship) and describe how you see them being used in the color of fear (2 examples per skill). Be mindful that your assignment is to focus on Agent Skills, not Target skills. Most students will focus on the ranks […]


Think of a time in your life in which you have participated in the path of the Heros Journey. You could have been any of the main charactersthe hero or a figure supporting the hero. Use a free online application (Canva, Piktochart, etc.) to create an infographic that includes an explanation of the following: Each […]

INT 1010 Cyberbullying

 This assignment is about Cyberbullying.  Please share the following: Define Cyberbullying.  (10 points) Share 2 strategies to prevent cyberullying. (5 points) Please include 3 references.  (5 points) Comment on at least one of your classmate’s post. (10 points) This assignment requires you to research the topic.   


Determinism is explained by a principle of universal causation. Explain. What does it mean by to act freely according to the compatibilists? How do libertarians show that we can act freely? Explain why for Frankfurt an unwilling addict has freedom of action but doesnt have freedom of will. Why does the metaphysical project lead us […]

ASSIGNMENT 3: Selecting Your Fantasy JGR Team

  Scenario Imagine that you work at JGR. The CEO has tasked you with being the Team Leader for a committee that will plan a one-day summer team-building retreat. All JGR employees will be attending the event. The purpose of the retreat is to foster unity, trust, and cohesion between the organization’s employees. The event […]

Criminal Justice Policy Process Paper

Write an 800- to 825-word paper that describes the criminal justice policy process. Include the following in your paper: -The key actors in the criminal justice policy process-The steps involved in the process-Suggestions you have to improve the process Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Benchmark – Cost and Earned Value Managemen

   Benchmark – Cost and Earned Value Management Assessment Description The purpose of this assignment is to establish a baseline, record actual project data, and utilize earned value management data to measure project performance and communicate necessary project adjustments to stakeholders. Part 1 Review the “Project Execution” section of Chapter 3 in the textbook. Follow […]

discussion 2

 150 words You are a leader for a technology company, explain how strategic human resource management could help your organization gain a competitive advantage. Describe the steps you should take as a manager to recruit and select organizational members to sustain this competitive advantage.

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