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Archive for May, 2022

Critical Communication

 Instructions:  You will compose an initial alert and warning based on a series of two suspicious bombings that occurred at noontime in the commercial/downtown district of your community (or nearest city). This alert and warning must be less than 160 words, so conciseness and brevity are important. Due to the bombings, the local police department […]

Response to Readings

1. Cristina Gratorp explores what she calls “the materiality of the cloud.”  After reading her piece, how would you describe the geology of the Internet? 2. The authors of the NYT article consider the growing energy requirements of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.  According to the authors, how many terawatt-hours of electricity does trading, creating, and spending Bitcoin consume […]

Colossal Genius

 DISCUSSION  1 DUE THURSDAY For this discussion, you will create a speech outline for the career-focused informative speech you conceptualized in Milestone One. (Business Market Strategy) A template has been provided for this purpose. You will then share your outline with your peers to obtain feedback, and give feedback to your peers on their outlines. […]

Theoretical and Empirical Knowledge – 2 pages

Select a quantitative research study. Be sure that the study includes a theoretical or conceptual framework. Please attach a copy of the article. Describe and summarize the purpose, type of study design, findings, and implications for nursing practice (application of the scientific evidence). Explain the theory that guided the study. How does the theory relate […]

Colossa Genius

These responses are due tomorrow  RESPOND TO THE POST BELOW WITH THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. What specific technology platform would you recommend Alejandra consider in addition to the tool she mentioned in her initial post, and why do you think it is appropriate? Alejandra post  What I would do for a weekly discussion of trending topics […]

discuss the current state of public schools related with what is good curriculum

You have been commissioned as an educational expert to help answer some of the most important educational questions today. You will be asked to discuss the current state of public schools, in relevance to this issue, as well as provide multiple perspectives on this issue and what you foresee is the route that our state […]

Week 3

PART ONE:  What are the three types of unemployment? Unemployment is seen by some as undesirable. Are all three types of unemployment undesirable? Could the advent of the Internet completely eliminate frictional unemployment? Are all three types of unemployment undesirable? Explain. PART TWO:  Begin this week’s discussion prompt by reading the case study “Boca Electronics, LLC” on […]


  Discuss at least two precautions and infection control methods for the protection of both the patient and the examiner. Why are the two precautions you selected important? Your initial response should be between 250 to 350 words. Use 2 scholarly source. 


  A 17-year-old male presents with a complaint of a red, itchy rash over his torso and back x 1 week, which is keeping him up at night. He denies sick exposures or a recent visit to wooded areas. He d enies other symptoms, significant history, or allergies. In order of importance, describe three (3) […]

2Discussion: Application to My ADP

Reflection is a key element of becoming a lifelong learner. Reflection involves critically assessing your own actions and experiences to determine what you can learn from the past. Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to: Examine tools for suitability for research. Instructions Review the rubric to make sure you understand the […]

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