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Archive for the ‘N/A’ Category

A shift in US foreign Policy

Directions: Tweet or snap chats. Each group member establishes a Twitter identity as a historical figure “Theordore Roosevelt” from the content folder and tweet your experience and the events of the content. You do not have to put this on Twitter, you could create it in a document or video clips, but make it look […]

Bias by Bernard Goldberg

The assignment is to write a response paper to the book, Bias, by Bernard Goldberg.The premise is simple: what did this book teach you about journalism? From thatjumping-off point, there are lots of possibilities for development, depending on your reaction to the incidents and situations described in the text.

Black Snake Killaz: A #NoDAPL Story

Watch this 2017 documentary and other materials listed below, then write an essay of at least 300 words. In this essay, be sure to follow these instructions:In addition to writing a summary on the film information, discuss the following:What is the black snake?What are water protectors?What are man camps and problems associated with them and […]

Native American Citizenship and Voting Rights.

After watching the videos and readings, write an original post of at least 250 words -

Myths and Stereotypes

Please read the readings and then answer the following questions in your Discussion Post. You do not need to limit your writing to American Indians in this Forum. There are myths and stereotypes about everyone and everything. -What challenges can myths and stereotypes create for American Indians and/or non-Indians?-What are the benefits of dispelling myths […]

Storz Friedberg

Watch/ Read the following: 1. 2. Resource Based View of the Firm (Video attached below) 3. Read the Growing Pains PDF file below (MUST) 4. e-Discovery Consulting Services (Attached below- READ) 5. Digital Forensic Service Industry (Attached below- READ) 6. IT Security Consulting Industry Report (Attached below- READ) 7. 8. (Five […]

Ad campaign

please carefully read the pdf to understand how to write a good ad. Follow the instruction!Advertising Copy/CampaignThis assignment has three parts:1)    A single-page print advertisement 2)    A narrative script for a 15- to 30-second radio spot The Print Advertisement Create the text for a single-page print ad.  This should contain the following: 1) a Headline, […]

Authors for Discussion Paper: Guity Nashat and Judith Tucker, Carl Petry, Jonathan Berkey

Had to have read: Guity Nashat and Judith Tucker, Women in the Middle East and North Africa Carl Petry, Class Solidarity vs. Gender Gain: Women as Custodians of Property in Later Medieval Egypt in Keddie & Baron Jonathan Berkey, Women and Islamic Education in the Mamluk Period in Keddie & Baron

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