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Archive for the ‘Business and Management’ Category

Darden Restaurants Strategy Development

Organizational Structure  This  part should include a description of which corporate-level organizational structure is appropriate for your company (i.e., multidivisional structure, strategic business unit, or corporate matrix). You should explain why this new structure is appropriate and how it will help with implementing your strategies.

Future Leadership

Assignment Details You are the HR director of training and development of a start-up organization. You have just attended a future leadership meeting regarding the need to establish a training program to develop, train, and promote current employees, managers, and supervisors with effective managerial and leadership techniques. During the meeting, upper management decided to implement […]

Case Study Week 7

Please read the case study (attached) and answer the following questions: 1.  What criteria should be used to determine potential layoff candidates? What emphasis, if any, should be given to non-job-related factors such as personal problems or a spouses need to work? Explain your answer. 2.  What should be included in a severance package for […]


Instructions: Select two from the following four essay questions listed below. This final exam is done either individually.  For each of these questions, you are also welcome to use class activities and/or class discussions to provide examples of sample application. Grading Criteria: The grading criteria for this exam is based on both quantity and quality. […]

M6- GM Micro-Challenge: Export Price

The GM Micro-Challenges are intended to help you appreciate the resources available and challenges associated with global marketing to another country.  For these assignments, you will assume the role of an employee at a company providing global marketing assistance.  You will engage in tasks and research related to the specific country and US state which […]

Data Collectionand Software

Week 7 Discussion Forum: Data Collection and Software Read: Ahmed: Sections 12.1 12.4 Read: Bartlett: Chapters 10 11 Read: Merida: pp. 428 463 This is a discussion board reply. You will reply to the attached classmate paper. You will add knowledge to the paper. You should introduce fresh thoughts ( rather than repeating the initial […]

Leading and Motivating an Organization During Crisis

Regardless of the size of an organization, when two or more people come together to execute the operations, motivation and quality teamwork assist in ensuring quality outcomes. Dysfunctional teams become resentful, waste time, and can lose their motivation. Imagine that you are an executive at Edison Enterprises. The table below outlines facts about the employees […]

M4 D: Dirt Bikes Case Study – E-Commerce Portal

Follow the attached instructions, being sure to answer items 1 through 4.  Refer to chapters 9 and 10 from our textbook Laudon, Kenneth C., and Jane P. Laudon. Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm. Pearson, 2021 for context.  I have also attached the Dirt Bikes case study for your reference.

The perils of bad strategy

Participation in this discussion is mandatory. Everyone must participate at least once by the deadline. There are sever penalties for not doing so. Your task is simple. Read this article about bad strategy carefully. Summarize it in 250 words or more. That is it. If you wish to respond to a classmate’s post, you can […]

Essay Business Case Study Strategy Utilizing Strategy Tools

Hi friend, I am back! Please find an introduction and case study attached below! Please give me a good price? You took care of my eHarmoney paper; however, this one is a bit different; it is a case study, not a memo to the CEO!

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