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We’ve learned about the history of advertising from an insider’s perspective. We all have our own history with advertising, whether we realize it or not. Advertising has been part of our lives since we were able to see and hear. In this assignment, you will tell us about your earliest memory of advertising. Is it […]

graphic design

Post the 10 examples of any one of the archetypal symbols you chose: -Sun-Eye-Hand-Fish-Star-Bird ->This is what I chose-Tree-Human figure Follow the instructions for posting and labelling and answer the following prompts in your post: Part1: What are the meanings and associations of the symbol you chose? Part2: Why do you think that symbols remain […]

graphic design

Part1:(100words each)– Is it possible to lay out a page without a grid? Why or why not?– When and how does using a grid simplify the task of a graphic designer? Part2: Respond to the peer’s post.(60words)– The peer’s post: Is it possible to lay out a page without a grid? Why or why not? […]

graphic design

Let’s talk about how the Bauhaus has influenced your design education. Designers used to learn on the job as apprentices, but when Bauhaus teachers fled Nazi Germany, their studio classroom methods and curriculum became the model for higher education in art and design around the world. Like most other design schools, the AAU School of […]

graphic design

Let’s talk about McLuhan’s theory of extensions and amputations. Most of us would agree that the invention of movable type and printing has been responsible for much social and cultural progress. In McLuhan’s model, the development of movable type can be seen as a key “extension” of human vision. However, McLuhan proposes that “extensions” are […]

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