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PART 2: Regardless of which project you choose from Part 1 above, you must also write a SEPARATE 2-3-page reflection that includes the following elements: A brief (1 page) PROJECT reflection about which theories of leadership and which readings, terms, concepts related to ethics and leadership informed the development of your project and any additional […]

Zero Tolerance Policy for Greek Life Students alcohol/drug abuse

Course SA 501 Worth: 150 points Current Topic in Student Affairs Administration Paper Assignment (Turnitin Paper Assignment) Introduction Part of the graduate school experience is to become a solid researcher as you prepare for future participation in research, student affairs practice, college teaching and/or higher education administration. An in-depth examination of chosen topic will allow […]

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* USE the document labeled Term Paper Outline and Annotated Bibliography to write the term paper! * DO NOT use any other outside sources please ONLY USE the FIVE scholarly sources listed on the document! Final Term Paper (Due May 1 by 11:59 pm): This 7-10 page (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-pt. font) paper will […]

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* Will upload All 40 sources! You are welcome to change the sources that do not go with the paper! Scholarly Paper:  Topic: The Effects of Bias Decision-Making on Female Employees and How to Improve Ethical Decision-Making to make a Business more Inclusive.” Develop a traditional research paper include a cogent thesis and make an […]

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1. Format: Open Books and Open Notes. 2. Download the CMST_301_FinalExamV2.docx file attached to this assignment.    * Type your responses to the essay questions directly in the attached exam    3. You must answer 4 essay questions. Be sure you organize your response covering all the aspects of the questions. 4. Length Requirement: Each essay response is required to be at least […]

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PLEASE ONLY USE all the materials and links I provide for you! Essay 3: Reflect on Kidders Four Paradigms for Understanding Ethical Dilemmas Summarize each paradigm, contrasting and comparing, providing evidence. Once you have defined and analyzed the paradigms, draw upon, at least, 1 experience, activity, news item, etc. that illustrates each paradigm. (You will […]

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Essay 4: Reflect on the following quote in the context of Week 9 readings: culture is an unconscious intrusion into otherwise conscious ethical decision-making. How would you explain this quote given your understanding of ethical leadership? Draw upon, at least, 1 experience, activity, news item, etc. to illustrate and support your analysis. Please be specific, […]

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PROJECT 3: RESEARCH PAPER OBJECTIVE1. How companies or organizations and individuals use digital or social media to effectively communicate ideas, information, arguments, and messages to achieve a specific goal.2. How digital or social media has transformed the communication of an idea, information, and arguments in society.3. Access, analyze, interpret, and evaluate digital media to foster […]

Discussion – Relationship Management

You are a forensic professional on an incident response team at a large-ish company. What relationships are important for you to have or to make? Are these internal or external relationships? Why do you feel these particular relationships are important? What other relationships is it necessary for the team to have overall and who would […]

Data Handling

You have been called into the offices of a mid-sized city. The fire department, police, city offices, and library are all connected in a metropolitan area network and the entire network is being hit with a malware infestation. The IT team from the city is focused on getting all of the systems disinfected and the […]

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