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Archive for the ‘java’ Category

ENTD380 Assignment 4

Assignment InstructionsInstructions:* Make sure you go to this week’s chapter lesson for more guidance.  For this assignment, you will create an object class then display its assigned values from the main method of the main class. Save the code in jGRASP, then save it in c:myjava and run it. /*******************  Name:   Date: Notes:    […]

Assignment One

Hello I am wanting someone to change the gamble class and player class to avoid plagiarism therefore to just change the methods but still make the game run smoothly also if possible make the filepath in the cardgame class have no filepath therefore anyone can run it without changing the filepath manually. I am in […]

Final Project

Create a secret phrase guessing game similar to hangman in which the user guesses letters in a partially hidden phrase in an attempt to determine the complete phrase. The phrase to be guessed needs to be selected randomly from a list of at least 10 phrases. The clue needs to be presented to the user […]


For this project, each student may choose to work on it individually, in pairs, or in a group of 3 students. In this project, you need to implement a Student class. You may copy the code from your midterm project into this project, if necessary. The class should include the following: First, the Student class […]

Lines of Action

IntroductionLines of Action is a board game invented by Claude Soucie. It is played on a checkerboard with ordinary checkers pieces. The two players take turns, each moving a piece, and possibly capturing an opposing piece. The goal of the game is to get all of ones pieces into one group of pieces that are […]

Top Down parser

Your program will read any text file that contains (what is intended to be) a string in the category fun def list. It will then construct an explicit parse tree and display it in a linearly indented form each syntactic category name labeling a node is displayed on a separate line, prefixed with the integer […]

Neural Networks

extend the code i have already done in java which creates a back propagation network with 20 inputs, 1 neuron in hidden layer and one output neuron. This code has to be extended to have an extra hidden layer. Then it has to be tested with 12 different activation functions to see how each of […]

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