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Archive for May 7th, 2022

How does art integration help students to learn literature in their art class

This handout is for your research proposals final version. By now, you have selected a topic that led to a research question. As a research proposal, a big part of it is the way in which you are answering your question,i.e., your methodology. You polished your research question based on further information you obtained from […]

Discussion 5

 Reviewing Personality Traits  Please complete the following: This week, we learn how tests can reveal which jobs people are best suited for so that you can help your team reach its full potential. You learn about the different types of assessments and determine how they can be used when selecting people to be part of […]

Ted Talks

Please watch both TED talks videos and answer the following: 1. An important bio-psycho-social-spiritual developmental issue that you found in the video/or web site with relevant references to your readings 2. Applications of the semesters dimensions (skills, systems, values, purpose) to understanding issues raised in the film 3. An issue/concern that is/was of importance in […]

how do humans learn

“How do humans learn?”  Write your current thoughts (before perusing the materials in the course) about the learning process.  This serves as your baseline as we enter the exploration of past and current ideas.  Use an image, short video, metaphor or analogy to support your idea. 

Dewey discussion

 In this module, we look at theories postulated over the past century, beginning with the Father of American educational theory, John Dewey.  Please discuss here these questions: What do you consider Dewey’s most valuable contribution to educational philosophy and practice? What Deweyian influences do you see in the theorists considered in the short course? Of […]

Develop learning outcomes

In this assignment, you will create learning outcomes for a particular learning experience that you identify. First, you need to identify a learning experience. This could be a course, class, training, or other learning experience. After you choose a particular learning experience, please explain the following: 1. What is the learning experience?2. The purpose/goal of […]

7-3 Case Study

For this assignment, you will build off of the Module Five Case Study assignment, using the same scenario and addressing the Eight Dimensions of Organization Capacity for Change (OCC). You will also provide recommendations for ABC Company to implement one of the solutions, as well as address how accountability and innovation could affect the companys […]


What is meant by “presentation of financial statement information in common-size amounts rather than dollar amounts?” Why is this type of presentation sometimes more meaningful than the use of actual dollar amounts? Why is a trend just as important if not more important than information that pertains to only one year? Review the attachments of […]

Write a Blog Post

You maintain a popular blog created in your spare time to share your passion for instructional design with other like-minded professionals in your field. You cover a lot of topics on your blog, and people often turn to your blog to read about hot issues in the field. This week, you are writing a blog […]

Se493 week 6

Apa format & citations 350 words each questions and no plagiarism  Question 1 Software systems are not isolated systems but are essential components of broader systems that have a human, social or organizational purpose. Read Chapter 10  and review Lecture slides (posted under week 5), and reputable articles/journals and List and discuss The Sociotechnical Systems […]

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