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Profile on individual, group, place, or even based on personal observation

Requirements: Upon the completion of this assignment, the student should demonstrate the ability to:

1) write a profile that functions as a written portrait of the student?s chosen subject

2) depict the subject in an engaging manner that conveys the subject?s significance and unique attributes

3) give important background information that contextualizes the subject

4) establish a clear perspective, or ?angle,? on the subject and craft a clear, focused thesis that establishes that angle

5) support that thesis with well-paragraphed details, including-but not limited to-specific information about the subject, sensory images, figurative language, and dialogue or anecdote

6) use tone and language appropriate for a clearly defined, public audience

7) evidence clear, well-edited writing that is free of proofreading errors and errors of grammar, mechanics, and syntax

Follow the instructions on the document ?Computer format and manuscript form.? Make sure to use MLA format to cite all sources. This essay should be 4?6 pages long.

Key terms: Angle, Profile, Interesting.

Angle: an approach to a topic that determines which details to include for maximum impact.

Profile: a ?written portrait? (Norton Field Guide 153) of a person, place, or event.

Interesting: writing that catches and holds the reader?s attention.

You can write your profile about a person or group of people, a place, or an event. The content of the profile should be primarily based on your recent personal experience. For example, you can interview a person, visit a place, or attend an event. Choose something that is interesting and significant to you, because then you will be able to make the subject interesting to your reader. Also plan to spend time with the subject. For example, you might need to attend more than one performance of an event to make broader statements about the event and its context. Likewise, you might need to schedule more than one interview, or meeting with a person. You may also need to do research in the library to find pertinent background information to situate your profile. You want to present the profile subject in a way that will encourage others to seek out the experience.

Key features of a profile:

An interesting subject: person, place, or event

Any necessary background: information about the subject?s larger context

An interesting angle: perspective that limits the relevant material

A firsthand account: don?t write about ?something someone told me about.?

Engaging details: bring the subject to life with sights, sounds, smells, etc.

1. Explore what you already know about the subject?identify expectations.

2. Visit your subject?remember to allot enough time to get to know the subject.

3. Prepare interview questions?this is the foundational material for a profile.

4. Do additional research?focus on the broader context; don?t overwhelm your reader or yourself with details.

5. Analyze your findings?patterns, images, recurring ideas, phrases and ideas.

6. Find an angle?distinguish your essay.

7. Organize?a narrative or a description?

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