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Obama Finds Reality is Messy

Using the article, “Obama Finds Reality is Messy” on page 326-327 in the AM GOV textbook by Losco and Baker, write an essay in the following format:

Your paper should have an introduction, body and conclusion. In the introduction you need to include the name of the article which you are responding to and provide a thesis statement that contains your overall feelings about the article (maybe you can say why you chose that article and what you have learned from the article).

In the body I would first like for you to first briefly summarize the article and then discuss what you think was the author?s motivation was for writing the article (why do you think they wrote the article?). Then for the rest of the paper you need to answer the discussion questions provided at the end of the article. At the beginning of each of your answer you need to make sure you indicate which question you are responding to by restating the question, (for example When considering ?? When asked ?..One may question?.).

Then do not forget to include a conclusion, which summarizes your reflection essay.

The questions to be answered in the paper are:
1. How would you rate president Obama’s first two years in office? What impact does his domestic and foreign policy have on this overall grade?
2. Explain the analogy the article makes between the health care bill and a sausage. What is the author saying about legislative process?
3. Do voters expect too much from the president? Is there any way Obama could have delivered the kind of change disillusioned Democrats were expecting when they elected him?

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