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How will you benefit from a School of Nursing Scholarship ?

Paper details:
there are 6 questions need to be asking, please be careful for each question words limits, also there is key
concept ( i attach in the file, *please look at those!) please using those word, not for the question one, it is good to
using for question 2?6
1. How will you benefit from a School of Nursing Scholarship ? *500 word maximum, We suggest that you take
your time and write a thoughful response
2. (250 WORD MAX) 2a. What is your understanding of the role of a professional nurse? 2b. And why
have you chosen to pursue nursing as a career?
3.(250 WORD MAX.) What personal experiences and activities have influenced you and have made you the type if
person you are now?
4.(250 WORD MAX.) Professional nurses are leaders at the bedside and critical thinking is an essential aspect of
leadership. Give an example of a challenge in which you utilized critical thinking skills. “Critical thinking is the
disciplined, intellectual process of applying skillful reasoning as a guide to belief or action” (Paul, Ennis & Norris,
5.(250 WORD MAX.) The School of Nursing has an Honor Code. What is your understanding of an honor code
and how will you uphold it.
6. (250 WORD MAX.) Your peers, colleagues, patients and their families may not share the same ethnicity, culture
or set of values as you. Describe a scenario that challenged your values, and explain how your response
demonstrated cultural sensitivity, acceptance and respect.

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