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You are the CEO of a major corporation whose databases were recently hacked and sensitive customer information was stolen. The press has been hounding you for some kind of a statement regarding the situation and what the corporation is doing to protect its customers and prevent this from happening again. Would you as the CEO speak out about the crisis or would you choose a frontline spokesperson to represent the corporation? Explain your choice.

Please respond to the following questions (even if you chose the CEO to make the statement):
? What are the essential elements of a good and effective spokesperson in a crisis?
? What criteria are considered in selecting that particular person?
? Why do you think it would be important to have a well-trained spokesperson speak for the corporation during a crisis such as this one?
? Why is the ?head and heart? principle important for a spokesperson during a crisis?
? Why does the media wish to speak with frontline employees during a crisis?
? How can the spokesperson?s body language and presentation skills impact the audience?
? How would you as the CEO mitigate any damage to the corporation caused by erroneous information given out by the frontline employee?

Your response to this scenario should result in a paper that is a minimum of two pages. Please be sure to reference any sources used, including your textbook. The title page and reference page should be included as well; separate from the body content. The entire paper should follow APA guidelines.

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