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Watching people go about their work while recording their frequency of behaviours refers to what type of data collection method?Choose one answer. a. unstructured
questionnaire b. unstructured observation c. structured observation d. structured interview e. structured questionnaire Question2Marks: 1The following

data collection method of job analysis can be used structured, unstructured, or in combination and also with closed and open type of questions. This is called

the:Choose one answer. a. questionnaire method. b. group interview method. c. individual interview method. d. observation method. e. diary/log method.

Question3Marks: 1Making jobs more rewarding or satisfying by adding more meaningful tasks is primarily associated with:Choose one answer. a. codetermination. b. job

rotation. c. job enrichment. d. industrial democracy. e. job enlargement. Question4Marks: 1Which of the following statements about writing job

specifications is false?Choose one answer. a. To comply with legal requirements, all qualifications listed must be justifiable, based on current duties and

responsibilities. b. Writing job specifications for trained employees is quite straightforward. c. It should be kept in mind that the current incumbent may be

under- or overqualified for the job. d. For entry-level jobs, identifying the actual physical and mental demands is critical. Question5Marks: 1The job

analysis technique that involves 194 items, each of which represents a basic element that may or may not play an important role in the job, is known as:Choose one

answer. a. functional job analysis. b. a position analysis questionnaire (PAQ). c. a participant diary/log. d. a structured survey. Question6Marks: 1Re-

engineering is:Choose one answer. a. The fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of the business processes to improve performance. b. The most effective way to

get job description data. c. The fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of the business processes to improve job analysis data. d. None of the above.

Question7Marks: 1The first step in the job analysis process is:Choose one answer. a. designing a job analysis questionnaire. b. identifying the use to which the

information will be put. c. developing a job description and job specification. d. selecting the representative jobs and positions to be analyzed. e. reviewing

relevant background information about positions and jobs. Question8Marks: 1Job analysis provides data on job requirements that can be used to develop:Choose one

answer. a. HR policies and procedures. b. a staffing table. c. a skills inventory. d. an organization chart. e. a job description. Question9Marks: 1The

procedure for determining the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of a job and the human attributes required to perform it is known as:Choose one answer. a. job

design. b. job analysis. c. preparing a job description. d. job evaluation. e. writing a job specification. Question10Marks: 1An individual preparing a job

description for the first time would find it helpful to refer to the:Choose one answer. a. National Occupational Classification. b. HRDC Job Classification

Dictionary. c. Dictionary of Occupational Titles. d. Standard Occupational Classification. Question11Marks: 1Which of the following jobs could be analyzed

effectively using direct observation?Choose one answer. a. lawyer b. human resources manager c. design engineer d. software engineer e. accounting

clerk Question12Marks: 1The quantitative job analysis method that rates each job in term of responsibilities for data, people and things is known as:Choose one

answer. a. functional job analysis. b. a participant diary/log. c. a structured survey. d. direct observation. Question13Marks: 1Physical demands analysis

(PDA) refers to:Choose one answer. a. a quantitative method for classifying jobs based on types and amounts of responsibility for data, people, and things. b. a

questionnaire used to collect quantifiable data concerning the duties and responsibilities of various jobs. c. identification of the senses used and type,

frequency, and amount of physical effort involved in the job. d. the fundamental rethinking and radical design of business processes. Question14Marks: 1A

disadvantage of using the questionnaire method of job analysis is:Choose one answer. a. the fact that it is labour-intensive. b. the length of time involved. c. the

time and expense involved in development and testing. d. the amount of double-checking required. e. the fact that it is more costly than interviewing hundreds

of workers. Question15Marks: 1A list of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform a particular job is known as:Choose one answer. a. a job

description. b. the job standards. c. a position analysis. d. a job specification. e. the human requirements.

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